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We have over 50 years’ experience with Tomatoes, so it’s more than business, it’s a way of life. It came apparent after friends mentioned that there wasn’t a good tomato juice. On it's own or for their Bloody Mary’s, so we made it our mission to source and supply a product that would be enjoyed by all without comparison.

We wanted the best bars & restaurants to use Harry’s Tomato Juice, as we thought there shouldn’t be a compromise on any mix especially the base product.

The health benefits are incredible and should be known, it can really help and should be enjoyed more often. Just drink straight from the fridge, you will feel energised, invigorated and better for it.

After Project Tomato Juice, we thought we must try our own take on the famous Bloody Mary. To make a well-balanced pre-mix using only the best ingredients available. Can be drunk as a 'pick you up' anytime and especially the morning after.

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